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QwikWay Total Water Management provides our customers with water treatment programs that optimize system effectiveness through a combination of superlative service, high-quality products, and outstanding technical service.  

QwikWay Total Water Management distributes a complete line of total water treatment products including:  the treatment of plant influent water, boiler feedwater, boiler water, steam/condensate, open-recirculating cooling towers, closed-recirculating heating/cooling systems, air washers, air scrubbers, microbiocides, preservatives, process cleaners, and industrial waste water.  

Makeup water supplies for boilers and cooling towers contain dissolved impurities.  These impurities, when concentrated in the system, can cause corrosion, scale, fouling, and microbiological contamination (cooling  systems).  If left untreated, this water can damage valuable equipment, reduce the operating efficiency, and cause increased operating expenses.

With proper application, many times the water treatment program pays for itself year after year.  The increased efficiency of the system, the energy savings, and the extension of the life time of the equipment will cost justify the water treatment program.  

Please call a service representative for any service and sales questions at 1-800-791-0088.